School Choice, is it Heaven or is it Hell?

Published on Wednesday, January 20, 2016 | by TJC Real Estate

School Choice, is it Heaven or is it Hell?

Are you looking for a college or just a preschool for your little one?  With so many choices, it may seem like you are making a career choice for your 4-year old rather than just a safe, nurturing environment for him/her to be a child for another year. 

In most of Denver, the elementary school in your neighborhood is the one in which you have an automatic spot, with the exception of Stapleton.  This urban sprawled neighborhood has made a name for itself in many accounts, starting with some of the top Denver schools at their fingertips, and the fact that it is its own enrollment zone for elementary schools.  But we’ll get back to Stapleton a little further down the road. 

Now, if you are not keen on the school in your ‘hood, then you will have to do your research, attend open houses, fill out the school Choice Forms (due this year on January 29th) and hope for the best.  On a positive note, Denver has some great picks for public schools with a variety of focuses so you can TRY and choose the one that best suits your child’s learning style or interests.  To go down this path, if you haven’t already, you can get more information on Denver Public Schools website at, but remember, the deadline is next week!

If you have a child going into middle or high school, then you find the school in your enrollment zone by going to and entering your home address.   Again, if you or child would like to try your luck at a different school, the Choice process is the same. 

Are you unsure of your options?  Check out for in-depth information on test scores, student-teacher ratio, special class/program offerings and even reviews left from parents, students and/or teachers.

Back to Stapleton….Stapleton is the only neighborhood in Denver (and maybe the world) with a shared boundary enrollment zone.  A WHAT? Exactly.  It is a ‘geographic area where the students living within it are guaranteed a seat at one of several schools, not just one particular school.’  The great news is, that your child is guaranteed access to a high performing school, the downside is that it may not be the school across the street from you. 

If you live in Stapleton, you have to follow the School Choice process for elementary and middle school due to the shared boundary enrollment zone otherwise your child will be left in School Choice purgatory until DPS figures out where they can ‘fit’ your child and you will have less chance of getting your top choice.

Currently, there are 5 elementary schools in Stapleton:

  • Westerly Creek (28th Avenue & Akron Street) ECE-5
  • Bill Roberts (Montview & Central Park) ECE-8
  • Swigert (Syracuse Street & 35th Avenue) ECE-5
  • Isabella Byrd (Kingston Street & 26th Avenue) ECE-5
  • Hi Tech Elementary (Stoll Place & Verbena Street & 50th)  ECE-5

***Early Childhood Education:  ECE (Preschool)

Please note that ECE is tuition based at all Denver public schools, and Kindergarten is free for the first half of the day (the second half is optional and tuition based as well).

As for Stapleton Middle Schools, a boundary is shared with Park Hill and the school options in the area are:

  • Bill Roberts
  • Denver Discovery Middle School
  • DSST Conservatory Green
  • DSST Stapleton
  • McAuliffe Middle School

Once your child is ready for High School, it gets a little easier.  For Stapleton, Northfield High School is the assigned school for 9th and 10th grades next year and George Washington High School is the assigned school for 11th and 12th grades, but again, the School Choice process is still an option if you decide that these schools aren’t for you. 

The other high schools around the hood are:

  • DSST (Denver School of Science & Technology) Stapleton
  • East High School

There you have it, the School Choice hell that is our wonderful privilege in Denver (and more so in Stapleton). 

Remember, the deadline for 1st round enrollment is January 29th.  If you are new to Denver Public Schools, you also have to Pre-Enroll your child which shares the same deadline of January  29th.

Happy choicing!

Brought to you by Sondra Lockett-Cameron, Marketing Coordinator for TJC Real Estate and Management Services.

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Real Estate Market Readiness

Published on Friday, January 08, 2016 | by TJC Real Estate

Is your home ready for the sale market?

There are five areas to address before you have your property listed on the market:

  • Curb Appeal
  • Interior Updates
  • Inspection Items
  • Show Readiness
  • Finding the Right Realtor

Curb Appeal.  First impressions are hard to change!  Make sure that your home shows off what is on the inside from a simple drive-by.  When a home is well maintained from the outside and includes special finishing touches, then it will tell the buyer that the home is well cared for throughout.

  • Take care of peeling paint.
  • Tidy up the yard and only let what is necessary and inviting be seen; rake leaves, trim trees, shovel snow.
  • Add some spark such as mulch around the trees, flower pots on the porch, or add some inexpensive shrubs to the mix.
  • Power wash the front and back porch as well as siding if necessary to remove the thin layer of dirt and incessant spider domains.
  • Wash windows and storm doors inside and out.
  • Putting out a new doormat is simple, yet inviting.

Interior Updates.  The little things really do matter.  A mini-makeover can make a big difference. 

  • Fresh coat of neutral color paint throughout the home.
  • Changing out/Updating/Polishing:
    • Door Knobs
    • Faucets
    • Cabinet Hardware
    • Switch Plates
    • Window Coverings
    • Light Fixtures
  • Minor repairs:
    • Torn Screens
    • Leaky Faucets/Toilets
    • Broken Tiles
    • Squeaking/Sticking Doors

Kitchen:  Want to take it a step further?  Granite counters and stainless appliances!  Make sure you keep the updates relevant to the rest of the home.  Experts say that you can receive 85% back on kitchen updates when selling your home.  The kitchen is the heart of the home and can either make or break deal and even shatter the selling price in either direction.

Bathroom:  Changing the grout and caulking if missing or amuck can make an eye-opening difference. Adding a new/clean shower curtain can make it seem a little less lived in as well where it counts.  Outdated cabinetry and light fixtures? Updating the vanity and lights can be an inexpensive way of changing the look of the entire bathroom.

Closets:  Adding do-it-yourself closet organizing systems is a great way to add the finishing touches to win over your potential buyers.

Pre-Sale Inspections.  Surprises can be great, unless they are found during a home inspection on a property that is under contract.  The main focus for all parties involved in a home sale is to make it the closing, not just the contract. Decreasing/eliminating unwanted surprises can be achieved by completing a partial or full pre-sale home inspection.  You can have the whole home inspected or just the main systems such as the roof, HVAC system, water heater etc.  The power of pre-sale inspections is that it can give you the piece of mind you need to put your home on the market knowing the health of your home and any challenges that need to be noted or addressed. If challenges do arise during an inspection, you can take care of these challenges at your own pace prior to listing your home rather than under the gun of the buyers.  The other options would be to adjust the price of the the home accordingly and/or offer the buyers a Buyer Home Warranty.  The Buyer Home Warranty can be a great selling point if you have multiple aging appliances or home systems.

Show Readiness. When getting ready to show your home, clean, decluttered and inviting is key!  The way you show your home is just as important as the way you maintain your home.  A great tip is to walk the home yourself, take some photos and see from a buyers’ prospective what is appealing and what is not.  Renting a temporary storage unit maybe extremely helpful if your home is already a little crowded.

Declutter:  Do not show off your pet or your personal belongings.  Potential buyers are looking for a home that they can call their own so keeping it as clean and generic as possible will allow them to use their imagination to find places for their own belongings.  Put away pet items such as food bowls, pet beds and cat litter boxes for the day of showings.  Also remove excess items from the fridge such as child drawings and Christmas cards.  Put away excess toys, small nic nacs and personal photos.

In the bathroom, it is good to remove plungers, toilet brushes, reading material as well as make sure you close the toilet lid for showings and clean/change out the shower curtain.  To add to your bath area, make it look like a mini-spa by adding a few matching luxurious towels, fancy soaps and a candle.

Now, let’s talk storage.  Storage is a well sought after commodity so make your storage look inviting.  By making your storage areas (closets, pantries and garage) half full instead of stuffed to the brim, it will make your potential buyer realize that these are useful spaces and that there is plenty of room for all their belongings.

Small spaces?  Make the rooms look larger by running with the rule of less is more.  Removing oversized furniture pieces, adding a mirror or two and even hiring a stager can be extremely beneficial.

Cleanliness:   The home should be cleaned inside and out, from top to bottom.  It is hard for potential buyers to feel at home when no one wants to move in to a dirty home.  A well-maintained and clean home will shine during the showing as well as the inspection.  This will give the buyer more confidence when making the decision to put an offer on a home.

Inviting:   Light it up!  A dark home is hard to get excited about especially in the winter months where sunshine and light is more desired.  Add higher wattage, yet soft tone light bulbs throughout the home (even more so in darker rooms).  Another way to make the home inviting is by aromas.  Make sure that you do not cook anything offensive that lingers the night before a showing such as fish or exotic spices.  Even cooking bacon the morning of a showing can make your home smell like a diner.  Try cooking bread or cookies before a showing or even adding some vanilla candles or aromatherapy around the house.  Homey and subtle is best.

Make every room have a purpose.  If you have an empty spare room give it a purpose as an office, craft room, work out room or spare bedroom.  For the unexciting rooms, show your prospective buyers the full potential of each room.  Add built in shelves to the garage or a work bench area if there is room, put a folding area in the laundry room or simple coat hangers in the mud room.

Lastly, make it look gently lived in with simple touches such as a tea tray on the coffee table, fancy soaps in the powder room, bright pillows and a book to the window seat, fresh flowers in the kitchen or a full, flowing plant on the mantle. 

Finding the Right Realtor.  In this competitive market, you will want to have a Realtor that you can truly trust with your investment.  Typically, people find their Realtors by word of mouth, but make sure you do your own research as well.  Your Realtor, should be knowledgeable of the market trends in your neighborhood/area.  You will want to make sure that your home is marketed well and is updated according to the comps in your area.  Your Realtor should also be reachable and responsive to make sure that business is taken care of in a timely manner and deadlines are met. 

The peak season for home sales is coming up fast.  If you would like to discuss putting your home on the market, we are here to help!  Please feel free to give TJC Real Estate & Management Services a call at 303.324.6988 or send us an email at

Brought to you by Sondra Lockett-Cameron, Marketing Coordinator for TJC Real Estate and Management Services.

TJC Real Estate & Management Services • 303.324.6988 •

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Candy Land is Back! Winter Welcome 2015

Published on Thursday, November 19, 2015 | by TJC Real Estate

Let’s face it…we have been fortunate here in Denver with a pretty amazing Summer and Fall weather this year!  It is now time to accept the fact that Jack Frost is here to stay.  So let’s finish sweeping our leaves, pull out our winter gear, hot teas, favorite flasks and coffee mugs, and head on down to the Stapleton Town Center this weekend where we like to begin the season with our annual Winter Welcome!

Stapleton's Winter Welcome event will take place on Friday, November 20th in the East 29th Avenue Town Center from 6pm to 8pm.  29th Avenue will be closed from Quebec to Roslyn Street and the Town Center will showcase carolers, interactive sponsor booths, fire pits for hand warming and S'more making, local food trucks and more! 

 Winter Welcome serves as a 29th Avenue retailer open house, a time for the community to come together, embrace the cold and initiate this joyous time of year as well as the lighting of the Town Center's holiday tree, Menorah and light display.   Many of the activities will require a ticket and much of the proceeds will benefit Sand Creek Regional Greenway, The Urban Farm and Bluff Lake Nature Center.

Back by popular demand, TJC Real Estate will be featuring a winter Candy Land®.  The kids can enjoy a turn at playing this beloved game and earn cards to spend in our real Candy Store!  There are even chances to win your own Candy Land® game.  At our Realtor Booth outside of Etai’s restaurant, we will be offering hot cocoa for all to stay warm.  Those cold festival goers over 21 can request a 'peppermint hot cocoa' for an extra treat.  Brave the weather and stop by our Candy Land® storefront at 7476 E 29th Ave or find our booth on the main strip.  Your Neighborhood Realtors will be there!

Brought to you by Sondra Lockett-Cameron, Marketing Coordinator for TJC Real Estate and Management Services.

TJC Real Estate & Management Services • 303.324.6988 •

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2nd Annual TJC Pumpkin Extravaganza

Published on Thursday, October 29, 2015 | by TJC Real Estate

Why in the world do so many people roll up their sleeves, dig out the guts of these large gourds, spend time and creativity carving anything from silly faces to scary houses, and then put them on their front porch in hopes that the local squirrels don’t devour it for lunch before the eve of Halloween?  Are we all cursed with senseless motivation to partake in this insane ritual?  Or is it just that the spirit of Halloween brings out the secret artist in all of us?

Creating these pumpkin masterpieces, better known as jack-o-lanterns, is a tradition that has been taking place for centuries.  An Irish myth of a man known as Stingy Jack is what started what is now a multi-million dollar industry in the U.S.  To make a long story short, the jack-o-lanterns are placed on the front porch of homes to ward off wandering evil spirits, such as Stingy Jack, during the time when the veil to the spirit world is at its thinnest and most vulnerable… Halloween Night.

Though jack-o-lanterns were originally created from turnips, beets and/or potatoes, as the world has evolved, the tradition has morphed into pumpkins, a native American fruit that has the perfect shape for crazy faces.  With this tradition, an American dream was born.  A profitable business for many farmers across the US as the jack-o-lantern craze has expanded into farmer’s markets, roadside stands, local grocery stores, fundraising pumpkin patches for non-profit organizations, Halloween festival pumpkin patch events, and of course the wholesale market that sells to our big box chain stores.  About 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins are produced each year on 75,000 acres of farmland.  Of course, this does not include our local backyard pumpkin enthusiasts.

With all of that being said, TJC jumped on the Halloween festivity bandwagon, and we are in the midst of our 2nd Annual TJC Pumpkin Extravaganza.  For a chance to work more closely with our fellow TJC co-workers and to create a way to include our friends, family and community, TJC teams have bonded, carved, decorated and presented their pumpkin masterpieces.  Check out our Facebook page or stop in our office to vote for your favorite jack-o-lantern.  Though they may not all scare off Stingy Jack, they will definitely entertain.  Cast your vote by 10.31.15 and you will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate of your choice.  Winners will be announced on Halloween morning!

If you would like to read more about Stingy Jack and the birth of the jack-o-lantern, visit  To get in some last minute Halloween festivities or to learn more about the business of pumpkins visit

Have a safe and Happy Halloween from all here at TJC Real Estate and Management Services!

Brought to you by Sondra Lockett-Cameron, Marketing Coordinator for TJC Real Estate and Management Services.

Black Cat Pumpkin created by Shelby Brow.

TJC Real Estate & Management Services • 303.324.6988 •

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Greater Park Hill Home Tour & Street Fair 2015

Published on Tuesday, September 29, 2015 | by TJC Real Estate

We had the pleasure of having a presence at our first Greater Park Hill Home Tour & Street Fair this past weekend….their 37th annual event.  We were one of 100 booths lined along Forest Street, one of the most beautiful Park Hill Streets in my opinion, just south of Monteview.  There was a great mix of local participants and sponsors that ranged from Realtors, home design and local artisans to pet care, kid care and self care.   Besides celebrating the history and evolution of the Greater Park Hill neighborhood, this was a great time of bringing a few thousand neighbors together and taking great effort in supporting each other and our local crafts and businesses. 


The home tour consisted of seven local homes that were built between 1906 and 1971.  Further representing the diversity of Park Hill, some of the homes included an Arts & Crafts bungalow, three mid century homes built by Edwin Hawkins as well as a converted church.  Each of the homes had been uniquely renovated while keeping much of the integrity of the original design.  Tickets went on sale at the beginning of September and ranged from $15 to $25 when buying them in advance.


In addition to the many vendor and sponsor booths, the Street Fair was open to the public and included live music, a food court, wine & beer garden as well as a kid's activity area.  Personally, some of my favorite moments were reveling in the beauty of Park Hill, enjoying a beverage from Station 26, listening to some great tunes from the Ramble, playing Jenga at our TJC Real Estate booth and watching the kids admire the artistry of the classic cars.  You can get the full scoop on vendors, sponsors and the tour homes at It was definitely a great time to be had and a beautiful way to spend a Sunday!  Until next year….

Brought to you by Sondra Lockett-Cameron, Marketing Coordinator for TJC Real Estate and Management Services.

TJC Real Estate & Management Services • 303.324.6988 •

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MoJaBlu 2015 Comes to an End

Published on Thursday, July 30, 2015 | by TJC Real Estate

MoJaBlu…Motown, Jazz & Blues has brought immense energy to the new outdoor amphitheater in Conservatory Green in Stapleton (49th & Valentia).  Thanks to the MCA (Master Community Association) and Jazz@Jacks, we have been able to enjoy this complimentary summer concert series of eclectic sounds from great bands for the last couple of months.  Tonight is the last concert for the season, but not to fret; next year will be here before you know it!  Join us this eve at 6:30 pm for Eef & Blues Express and 7:45 for Hot Lunch….what a grand finale!

 We have enjoyed adding this event to our participation list as a booth sponsor for the MCA events.  Supporting local music in Denver, meeting so many great people, and watching our community thrive are just a few of our many blessings.  Reflecting on our experiences with our attendance at MoJaBlu, we have compiled a great little memoir…   

Each evening, a nice crowd hung out on the lawn with plenty to keep the antsy busy between sets:  bouncy obstacle course, beach balls and giant Jenga (or kids playing blocks, depending on your age and perspective).  We have definitely had a weather adventure this summer, but together we have all endured the sudden changes with rain, wind, and the return of the sun just in time for our beautiful Colorado sunsets.  The bands brought great vibes with their music and passion amid the great aromas from the variety of food trucks that lined the street (Corner Gourmet & El Toro to name a couple).  We can personally vouch for Gyro & fries from Corner Gourmet & the burger & cheesy tater tots from El Toro!  Awesome music and yummy food bringing together great neighbors, old and new….   

Stop by our TJC booth this evening, say hi, grab a beach ball, sign up for our raffle to win an awesome picnic blanket and a bottle of wine, play some giant Jenga and enjoy the show!     

As always, follow us on our TJC Facebook Page for the latest and greatest in market trends and what’s happening in the neighborhood.  

Brought to you by Sondra Lockett-Cameron, Marketing Coordinator for TJC Real Estate and Management Services.

TJC Real Estate & Management Services • 303.324.6988 •

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© 2015

© 2015

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Stapleton Beer Fest 2015...A Stapleton Tradition

Published on Thursday, July 23, 2015 | by TJC Real Estate

Stapleton Beer Festival…A Stapleton Tradition.  Another year has passed, but the memories live on.  For those who are new to this annual, highly anticipated calendar event, here is the full breakdown of general details…

Stapleton Beer Festival takes place in mid/late summer on Founders’ Green at 29th Avenue and Roslyn Street in Stapleton by the Town Center.  The typical hours are 4 to 8 pm with the first hour available to only those who purchase VIP tickets.  The grounds are flooded with booths of local breweries and sponsors as well as food trucks offering their yummy delectables. When you purchase your tickets, you will receive a wrist band for entry (21 and older only of course), a sampling cup to taste unlimited amounts of craft brews and tickets for the food trucks.  Settting of the mood is taken care of by the live music right on the Green.  Free bike parking is also available at the event, but remember to ride and/or drive responsibly.  So you don’t miss next year’s event, keep an eye on Stapleton Community website starting late spring for the announcement of the Beer Festival tickets going on sale.

This year’s 2015 Stapleton Beer Festival might have been taunted with a little thunderstorm, but it did not dampen the spirits of the festivities.  Through the thunder, the music played on! The great sounds of Ryan Chrys and the Roughcuts, as well as, The Jeff Brinkman Band cut through the rain and raised the roof while patrons enjoyed their evening out.  We had 36 local breweries to choose from including Crooked Stave, Fiction Beer Company and Station 26.  Food trucks such as Street Frites, El Toro the Tot and Dude Bro Taco lined the street and sponsors including Stapleton Home Services, Northfield Church, Stapleton Family Karate, and Westerra Credit Union were intermingled within the Green.  We were blessed once again to be one of the sponsors of this grand event.  Inviting Chipper Photo Booth into our tent for the 2nd year was an absolute blast!  Festival go-ers who got their beer on and designated drivers alike also had a chance to get their photo on…these are memories that will definitely last!  Many lucky people walked away with some great laughs and a magnetic memento photo that can be displayed on their fridge for years to come holding up kid artwork and reminding them that they need to let loose like that a little more often. Look for us next year and bring your ‘Funny Face’ or your ‘Blue Steele’ to make the most of your TJC PhotoBooth BeerFest experience! 

Check out our TJC Photo Book from Stapleton Beer Fest 2015!


As always,  follow us on our TJC Facebook Page for the latest and greatest in market trends and what’s happening in the neighborhood.

Brought to you by Sondra Lockett-Cameron, Marketing Coordinator for TJC Real Estate and Management Services.

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Denver is the Tightest Squeeze on the Housing Market

Published on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 | by TJC Real Estate

Remember when painted on jeans were in?  Squeezing into the tightest pair of Levi’s, Calvin Klein’s or Rockies was cruel, but pain was fashion and fashion was/is cool.  Compare today’s housing market to the jean saga of the eighties and nineties and you will find gruesome similarities (even the forbidden camel toe)!  As a woman from this era, I truly don’t want to rehash the cringing moments, nor will I compare detail for detail, but I am sure you get the picture. 

We are currently living one of the biggest examples of housing supply and demand in the Denver Metro area.  With the major influx of our population over the last year, Denver has become one of the coolest cities and turned into one of the tightest housing markets in the nation.

Aldo Svaldi of the Denver Post recently posted an article on this topic.  Here is a recap of his findings…

Not only are fewer people selling their homes due to low inventory to repurchase, but the Denver home builders can’t keep up.  According to John Burns Real Estate Consulting, “You can’t bring supply on fast enough.” Here are a few points they provided to back up this statement:

  • A hefty portion of Denver Builders had completed 70 to 90 percent of their 2015 sales goals by April. 

  • New home building buyers are expected to wait 9 months to one year after signing their contracts to take possession of their new home. 

  • Prices for finished lots are short in supply and have priced out at record highs.

Unfortunately, it is not due to lack of trying that holds our market in such restrictions as many factors play into this debacle.

  • There is a shortage of finished lots in desirable locations.

  • There is a shortage of skilled construction laborers.

  • Local government has laid-off skilled workers after the last recession and is slow to rehire, therefore slowing down the process to get raw land approved for development.  Where developers are expecting to wait 18 months, the process is taking a much longer 20 to 30 months.

  • Due to interest rates rising, builders are gaining skepticism rather than hope that the housing market will remain in the green.

Lastly, due to the limitations on lots and lack of skilled workers, builders are targeting for building the more expensive homes.  The downside to this is that the gap between median incomes and cost of housing is growing.  It makes it near to impossible for the low and middle income population to afford to purchase a home. 

Due to builders such as Boulder Creek Homes who are fitting more homes per parcel of land are providing a high quality, low maintenance home while trying to keep prices affordable.  This is a glimmer of hope just like yoga pants…comfortable, versatile and practical.

Looking for a new build specialist to walk you through the tight corners of today’s housing market?  Call TJC Real Estate and Management Services at 303.324.6988 today.  We are here for you every step of the way!

Check out our Facebook Page to stay up to date on Denver Real Estate!

Brought to you by Sondra Lockett-Cameron, Marketing Coordinator for TJC Real Estate and Management Services.

TJC Real Estate & Management Services • 303.324.6988 •

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Thank you to Gokhan Okur at for the use of their photo!

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Increase your Cash Flow. Invest in a Rental Property.

Published on Monday, June 15, 2015 | by TJC Real Estate

Increase your Cash Flow.  Invest in a Rental Property.

Landlord. Landlady. Lessor. Owner.  These are the common names to label the main point of contact for a rental property.  The rental market in Denver and surrounding areas is tight!  Now is the perfect time to add one of these titles to your repertoire. 

What must you know to understand why investing in a rental property is such a great idea?  Well, here is a fresh and condensed look at the market trends that shouldn’t bore you too much:

  • For TJC Real Estate and Management Services, the current average time a home sits on the rental market is only 10 days, compared to 22 days this time last year. 
  • The national rent average has increased 3.7% to $1362.  Denver has increased 10.6%.  Stapleton, a premier NE Denver neighborhood where TJC Real Estate and Management has a majority of our inventory, currently has an average rent of $2175.
  • According to Zillow, there are currently more renters and less homeowners.  In 2006, the amount of homeowners peaked at 69%, but has since decreased to 64%.  Of all renters, 53% are renters because they are unable to afford to buy a home and 26% choose to rent as a lifestyle choice.

Still looking for the perfect sign?  Maybe you would rather have your investments work for you rather than the other way around?  Read on….  Like any investment, buying a rental property or converting your current home into a rental, may seem like a leap of faith.  In this market, given the low interest rates and record high rental rates, it is the perfect way to diversify your investments. 

Rental properties are versatile; you can have them for short-term or long-term investments.  Either way, one way to take the guess work and hassle out of being a landlord is to hire a reputable property management company.  Going this route allows you to instantly hand over the stress, hassle and many challenges of owning investment property:

  • Time on market and/or vacancy
  • Rent pool and advertising reach
  • Screen prospective tenants
  • Getting prime rent
  • Having a professional lease
  • Legal services and possible evictions
  • Handling tenant challenges and maintenance requests
  • On-going property upkeep
  • Collecting rents and security deposits
  • Returning security deposits upon assessing possible damages
  • Accounting/Taxes

So how do you start?  If you will be purchasing a home to rent, you will want to meet with your mortgage broker to see what you will qualify for.  Once you get a good idea of your budget, your best bet is to meet with a Realtor that is well-versed in acquiring investment properties.  Remember that not all Realtors are created equal.  Having an agent that has a successful background and great knowledge in this corner of the industry is a must.

Next… Location, location, location!  A Realtor can assist you in knowing which neighborhoods will be the best return on your investment.  This is just as important when buying an investment property as it is when purchasing a home to occupy for you and your family. 

When you finally find a place to purchase, you will want to assess what it will take to get the property ready.  No one wants to be a slumlord (this is the name you don’t want to add to your repertoire) and the better shape the home is in, the higher rent you will be able to get.  Taking care of the property ahead of time will help to eliminate and/or lessen hassles you will have with the new tenants.  

A property management company will be able to assist you with the balance of being rent ready without eating too much into the bottom line. 

If you live or are looking to invest in the Denver area, contact TJC Real Estate and Management Services at 303-324-6988 for a complimentary consultation.  We are unique in the industry since we are a one stop shop for real estate investors. TJC can help with the acquisition, property management, and asset management. Our goal is to create a long-term relationship that helps your asset(s) grow, as well as, provide stable, long-term ROI. We are happy to assist you on your journey to become a real estate entrepreneur!

***Like most investments, there are no guaranties in investing in real estate. There are a variety of factors involved in the success of your investment and TJC Real Estate & Property Management does not guaranty that you will have a positive cash flow, a positive return on investment, or that your asset will appreciate. Any real estate investment is made solely at the investors risk without any guaranteed results.***

Brought to you by Sondra Lockett-Cameron, Marketing Coordinator for TJC Real Estate and Management Services.

TJC Real Estate & Management Services • 303.324.6988 •

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Splish Splash Volume II

Published on Monday, May 25, 2015 | by TJC Real Estate

It is that time of year again! All of us here at TJC Real Estate and Management Services have been waiting anxiously as the time approaches to slip on our tankinis and board shorts, hit the water and soak up some sun.  Pool season is upon us and Denver is a great place to be in the summertime!   Not only do we get over 300 days of sunshine, and are full of great biking trails, but we also have a plethora of outdoor public pools to make a splash. 

Moms and Dads have been working all spring (or at least thinking about it) to shed the results of this last holiday seasons’ over indulgences in order to get themselves into their best swimsuit shape.  In the meantime, the kiddos are digging out their goggles and noodles ready to make their first cannonball into deep blue water of the neighborhood pool.  Not only does Denver Parks and Recreation service 16 outdoor pools that will open on June 8th, but Stapleton, which is in our neck of the woods, now manages 6 outdoor pools that will open at 12 PM on Saturday, May 23. 

Stapleton Pools

Whether you own or rent in Stapleton, one of the perks of living in this premier community is the resident membership to one of our six pools.  The fee for each pass is only $20 for the season.  For Non-Residents you can still enjoy the amazing Stapleton facilities for a daily entrance fee.  For more information on fees and schedules, visit the Stapleton MCA website at

A few quick notes to remember about our pools:

  • You can BYOB – alcohol is permitted, but remember, NO GLASS.
  • Be prepared for random closures:
    • Summer’s storms can lead to short closures and delays, but keep in mind the weather changes can be fast and furious in Colorado  -- if you can wait out a weather closure you may end up with the entire pool to yourself.
    • It’s not a Baby Ruth® – when you pile hundreds of kids into a pool, the swim diaper mishap is bound to happen every now and then.
    • Glass violators – see first bullet point above.  Don’t be the guy who closes down the pool because you had to have your Corona® bottle with a lime, but you dropped it while adjusting your…sunglasses.
    • Pool Parties are a great way to celebrate! You can reserve the pools for your own private parties (for a fee).  I have been to birthday parties and fundraisers at many of the pools and they are always an excellent setting for your summer soiree.

Which pool is right for you?  Each pool brings its own unique attributes, but here is a little breakdown of some of the benefits of each:

  • Aviator – the original, like Coors®, the Banquet Beer, is still a classic.  With dedicated swim lanes, a generous kid area, and nice shade spots, this pool is a favorite of Stapleton residents old and new.  It can get packed on the major holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.).
  • Puddle Jumper (aka the “Nanny Pool”) – excellent water features for the kids, no swim lanes, and a cool sandbox feature make this a pool of choice for nannies to while away the summer days.  Coincidently, the pool seems to be a favorite for dads who are taking the kids to the pool on their days off.  Hmmm.
  • F15 – let’s hear it for the East-side.  Located on a huge parcel of land, this pool is excellent for parties, barbeques, and volleyball games.  I have found that it is sometimes a little quieter, but I think that could be changing as all the new Bluff Lake residents start discovering its charms.
  • Jet Stream – another pool with dedicated swim lanes, this pool serves as the refuge for the old-north-siders.  With the arrival of Conservatory Green, I’m not sure we can call it the north-side any more.  The crowd here may be a little younger than you will find at Aviator, and may feel more intimate and hip.
  • Runway 35 Pool – the home of future Olympians, this pool is designed with a focus on competitive swimming.
  • Maverick Pool – the home of future leisure seekers.  Designed as a family friendly pool this pool will have some great places to play, relax and soak in the Colorado sun.

Denver Public Pools

Denver Parks and Recreation offer numerous aquatic activities for kids and adults of all ages and abilities at their 16 outdoor and 13 indoor pools.  Fun in the sun includes open swim times, lap swim, aqua fitness classes, swim lessons and private instruction.  You can obtain admission by having an annual membership, pay a daily fee, purchasing a season pool pass or having a My Denver Card (available free to Denver kids ages 5-18).  For more information on fees and schedules, you can visit the following website:

A few quick notes to remember about Denver public pools:

  • NO ALCOHOL at any facility.
  • Food is permitted in designated areas, but please, NO GLASS.  Of course, no food or beverage allowed in the pools at any time.
  • As above, the pool closures can happen such as summer storms and/or the random Baby Ruth® incident.

A few fun things to mention about the different Denver Pools:

  • Many indoor pools such as Central Park and Montclair have the 0 – 3 feet feature with an indoor water playground for those not ready to give up their water wings yet. 
  • La Alma has undergone a recent renovation with an addition of a lazy river, diving board and a great slide.
  • Outdoor water playgrounds are a big hit for kids of all ages and can be found at Barnum, Globeville and Mestizo pools.

Don’t forget…wait to enter the pool until 30 minutes after you have eaten. There you go….ready to dive in! 

Brought to you by Sondra Lockett-Cameron, Marketing Coordinator for TJC Real Estate and Management Services.

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